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Across the globe and because of its popularity, coffee has become one of the five highest traded commodities in the world. Most of the countries that produce coffee are located close to the equator. Indonesia, because of its geographical location and climate, is highly suited to the growing and production of coffee. Currently, Indonesia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world.

There are three main coffee producing areas in Indonesia. Java is the largest island and the largest producer of its gourmet Arabica coffee. Java’s rich, strong and full bodied flavor comes, to a certain degree, from the way the bean is stored. Sulawesi is another coffee producing island. The most famous coffee growing in this region is Toraja. Toraja Arabica has a very distinguished taste in terms of its full bodied and caramelized aroma with a crisp and clean aftertaste. Sumatra is another coffee producing area and produces two of the worlds most famous and high quality coffees, Mandheling and Ankola (Arabica). Indonesia’s most highly sought after specialty coffees are Toraja and Mandheling.

Flores is small by island standards, just about 360 kilometers end to end. It is in the Indonesian archipelago, between Sumbawa and Timor islands. The coffee growing areas are higher. Coffee from this area has a sweet floral taste that is somewhat a chocolate full body texture but clean overall and smooth, even more so than Sumatra.

Indonesia Coffee being offered includes Arabica and Robusta from the areas of Sumatra (Mandheling), Flores Bajawa and Manggarai regions and South Sulawesi. Kopi Luwak will be offered from time to time based on the availability of authentic and certified coffee. Kopi Luwak will only be offered through our web store. If you are interested in blending Kopi Luwak, we suggest also ordering Sumatra Mandheling. Testing will ensure the fruit is not coated with honey and the product we provide is an authentic Kopi Luwak.